Michael Jackson, Fashion Icon?

31 May

Fashion Icon

 Fashion design is the
applied art dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the
cultural and social influences of a specific time. It is considered to have a
planned obsolescence usually of one to two seasons. A season is defined as
either autumn/winter or spring/summer.

Fashion is the style
and custom prevalent at a given time. In its most common usage however,
“fashion” describes the popular clothing style. Many fashions are popular in
many cultures at any given time. …

Michael Jackson

It is nearing two years, since the world lost one of the most prolific artists of all time, Michael Jackson (born August 29, 1958-died June 25, 2009) .  Jackson probably has been awarded with every award/title for his music and entertainment, but did he acheive a FASHION ICONIC status??  I thought it would be fitting to review his fashion history and just give you great pictures to remember him and enjoy how his style changed over his 40 year music career.  Enjoy.

Michael’s Jackson 5 days: Early 1970‘s,–Michael Jackson in the early 1970’s started
fashion trends wearing colorful fringed shirts, tailored scarves, platforms, and
wide bell-bottom pants.
Michael’s Solo Career; Late 1970’s-Mid 1980’s–Jackson started developing his swag  in the late 70’s and had it mastered by the mid 80’s
Michael’s style evolved into more classic cuts, but he still was eccentric and full of surprises. 


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