Stefani Germanotta: Too Much or Faboosh??

9 Jul
Gaga’s rockin cute jeans, suspenders, pair of stylish heels & normal hair

You have to stop and ask, “Is Lady Gaga behind her image or has someone on her “team” encouraged her drastic style change?”

Lady Gaga In this handout photo provided by Marina Bay Sands, Lady Gaga showcases a new hairstyle at a press conference ahead of her Singapore performance on at the ArtScience Museum on June 7, 2011 in Singapore, Singapore.
Lady Gaga Press Conference Singapore

Studded, see-through platforms, white gloves and draped dress & her 2-foot green beehive:

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga waves as she walks across the tarmac after arriving by private jet at Sydney Airport on July 9, 2011 in Sydney, Australia. Lady Gaga is in Sydney for a one-off show at Sydney's Town Hall on Wednesday July 13.
Arriving in Sydney July 2011

Absolutely, inspired by Mickey Mouse!

Beauty Headshot

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga wears a black and gold themed outfit coordinated with her yoga mat as she leaves a yoga class in downtown Taipei. The pop superstar, whose visit reportedly attracted nearly 500 onlookers, is in Taiwan to promote her new album "Born This Way". Gaga arrived at Pure Yoga at around 3pm and stayed for a 1 hour session.

Gaga carrying her yoga mat…studded booties, laced bodysuit and a KILLER handbag, Morticia inspired doo

Looks like prom night! Cute



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