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25 Jun

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Tuesday May 31, 2011-Fashion Quiz

31 May

Fashion Quiz

During World War II, women used eyebrow pencils to what?

      A)  write letters to the boyfriends on the front line

      B)  decorate unprinted broadcloth

      C)  accentuate their cleavage

      D)  draw lines down the back of their calves to imitate stocking seams

Monday May 30 2011

30 May



Originally designed for British actress Jane Birkin, who allegedly told a Hermes executive that she could not find a suitable weekend bag, this sturdy satchel has come to signal the insiders.  Without connections, the $5,000 plus handbag can require 2 years on a waitlist.

Sunday May 29 2011

29 May


COCO CHANEL, designer

Elegant. Simple. Sexy.

Saturday May 28 2011

28 May


Henry II was buried wearing gloves that have separated fingers-one of the earliest known examples of glove with five fingers.

Friday May 27 2011

27 May



Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty starred in this sixties classic, set in 1930’s.  They were oozing chic from their 1930s attire, provided by costume designer, Theadora Van Runkle.  Runkle has been credited with the movement of the calf-skimming midi skirt, circa 1960s.

Bonnie and Clyde Poster

Thursday, May 26 2011

26 May

Fashion Don’t

Lindsay Lohan at Ungaro-French style house, Emanuel Ungaro, appointed Lindsay Lohan as its artistic advisor in 2009. When the Spring 2010 runway show was riddled with unfashionable, undesirable pieces, I think they regretted that decision.