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25 Jun

Because I am not able to advertise on WordPress.  I have started another blog with Blogger, that is totally dedicated to clothing, shopping, accessories . Check it out

Daily Inspirational Picks–Can you see me?

1 Jun

Bookworm Portraiture 10Jaesyn BurkeBookworm PortraitureJeremy Scott and Linda Farrow SS 2011 2

Daily Inspirational Picks–Beauty

31 May

Facial Candy Couture 4

Facial Candy Couture

Facial Candy Couture 3

Magnificent Makeup Masks 2

Magnificent Makeup Masks 4

Magnificent Makeup Masks 5

Magnificent Makeup Masks 10

Daily Inspirational Picks

30 May


27 May

Good Day, everyone!

Usually I pick a variety of pictures that inspire me in some way, but today I’m focusing on an artist,  Li Xiaofeng, who is rising to fame with his one of a kind ceramic clothing pieces!  Xiaofeng currently has a Lacoste polo shirt creation made of porcelain on exhibit in world-famous galleries in Europe.

References:  dinosaursandrobots and a212

Daily Inspirational Picks–EYEBROWS, EYEBROWS, EYEBROWS!!!!

26 May

Tribal Eyebrows

tribal by Pilar Castro Evensen 7

HOT Eyebrows

Indira Cesarine 4

Feather Brows

Australia Fashion Week 3

Pastel Eyebrows

Colored Eyebrows